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Behind the Scenes, First Month Running

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Behind the Scenes, First Month Running

A month has passed since we started selling and we have a lot to share with you! We were selected among top 30 startups for the Chivas Venture world finals. Now it’s up to the public to decide who gets more funding. Every vote translates to money for our cause, so this is important! You can read how to support us further down in this article. We are also putting the finishing touches on our main creative campaign. It’s going live this month and it makes insect eating look cool. It’s going to be big!

Crickets were delivered, we survived

We called this past month our “soft-launch”. That’s because we wanted to test different styles of communication, learn as much as possible about our customers, and have time to problem-solve before we go all in. And we are so glad we went soft before going hard! There were more problems than we anticipated, as usual. Fortunately, we survived. Crickets were delivered, customers are happy.


Now it’s time finalize our main creative campaign and let the world know that insect eating is the new normal. The big shoot was done this week and we can’t wait to share our message with everyone!

Help us grab a bite of the $ 250 000 in prize funding

We have been selected for The Venture global finals as one of the 30 best entrepreneurs who are creating a positive change in the world! This is a big opportunity for us. There is $ 250 000 up for grabs and public voting will determine which startup gets how much. In other words, every vote means actual money in funding. This is the rare case when you can make change in the world just by clicking a few times, don’t miss it!

Help us create a future where eating sustainable insect protein is the new normal! Give us your vote in the Venture global finals right here!

We want to use the money to develop a new cricket flour-based product. The money will go towards laboratory tests, production test runs, and consulting with nutritional experts. It’s going to be a big step towards our goal. Help us stand out among the best start-ups in the world!





130 reviews
I love the products!

Everything about the products is just great, the taste, the consistency and I have a lot of allergies and I’m still able to eat everything from Sens! The Fact that everything is produced sustainable makes it even 10x better<33

Awesome Product

Tried the Cocoa Chocolate blend powder. What a pleasant surprise. Great taste, creamy and smooth. Easy soluble. Will definitely have it again.


Just a great taste and consistency and easy to order as well :-)

Fucking awesome
They are really good

Excellent bars

I have both flavors and have been enjoying them both. They don’t give me the bubble gut from the sugar alcohols associated with the lesser protein bars. Great product! Will buy again!