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Merry and sustainable! 5 tips for more Earth-friendly Christmas

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Merry and sustainable! 5 tips for more Earth-friendly Christmas

You don't need to turn the whole Christmas Eve upside down. Just a few little things can make a big difference. We've put together 5 tips that work for us at Sens and we'd love it if they found their way into your home.

1. It starts with the Christmas tree

Cut and imported trees from elsewhere are hopefully not trendy anymore. How about getting a Christmas tree in a pot and planting it in the woods after the New Year? Not all potted trees will catch on, as their roots get quite damaged, but that's making it even more exciting. Will you find your healthy and growing in few months?
You can probably find another sustainable option already in your grandma's living room. Does the Norfolk Pine ring a bell? Google it! It's a bit retro, but actually it's pretty cool. It's up to you how you decorate yours and it will surely look great for the rest of the year.

2. Give reasonably

Christmas isn't a race. Buy slowly. Give reasonably. It is a total cliché at the same time but Christmas is about spending quality time with your loved ones. The first principle of sustainability is not to buy nonsense that nobody needs.

3. Give sustainably

We already talked about the amount of presents. Now we're going to go into tips for gifts that are kind to the planet (and often to your wallet).

Before you hit the crowded mall, try visiting small shops with original art, handwoven textiles, painted ceramics, and leather goods. You'll be supporting honest work plus this gift didn't fly halfway across the planet.
Also, there's no shame in buying second-hand anymore. You can get cool stuff second hand and save natural resources at the same time. Often you can buy better quality things that today's automated production doesn't surpass.
Another option is to give a gift to help spread the idea of sustainability. Metal straws, beeswax wraps, natural cosmetics, veggie bags, travel mugs or even our Christmas pack full of sustainable foods are great choices.

4. A trick for sustainable Christmas wrapping?

Wrapping presents is actually one of the most useless things in the world. You buy the trendy wrapping paper, wrap the present, then this creation makes a momentary appearance under the tree and… wait for it...the pile of paper goes in the bin. On the other hand, nobody is excited just from looking at tossed socks and a cooking pan under a Christmas tree. So what's the trick? The best is to use something as wrapping that can be further used - a bee wrap, a kitchen towel (perfect for wrapping a cookbook), or you can wrap the gift in a scarf or even a shirt. And if you're wrapping it in paper, it's better to use plain paper, unbleached, unglossy, without plastic stuff, holding together just with a string. 


5. The holiday of eating

You'll probably already planned a cheat day(s) for Christmas. Sure thing, that's part of it. But bake just enough Christmas candies so it's not staring at you from the freezer until June.

You want to spice up this year's festive board? Try making Christmas candy a little differently. Add a little cricket flour to classic recipes and you'll have a protein bomb. You can also take inspiration from our recipes, which we have compiled in another article.

You can crunch waiting for Santa Claus easier with crunching our new limited edition - whole crickets. We recommend taking them out also after Christmas dinner as the icing on the cake and we guarantee that the table will be merry. We've gone to the trouble of packaging them tastefully, so they're great as an unusual gift, too.

Fancy original gifts? Have a look in our XMAS collection ->

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