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A New Way of Eating

In these busy times, it's often complicated to keep a healthy lifestyle while eating healthy and doing something for the environment. Read about our story and discover why Sens is good for you!

The Modern (Unhealthy) Diet

When we're on the go (at the office, at university, even at home sometimes) and try to deal with our hunger, most of the time we could only find unhealthy processed foods that are high in sodium, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol or sugar. We hate to destroy our efforts to follow healthy eating habits.

Did you know? Each year cardiovascular disease (CVD) accounts for 37% of all deaths in the EU. Major contributors to CVD are bad eating habits.

The Sad Reality

Obvious sources of quality protein, such as beef, have horrible environmental impact: Breeding calves for meat consumption generates 14,5% of the work greenhouse gases. If cattle was a country it would be the world's 3rd biggest greenhouse gases polluter in the world. And sadly that’s not all, it takes as much water as a 10h long shower to produce just one steak.

THE Revelation

At the beginning it was just us: Dan & Radek, modest, yet ambitious, two young men with a spirit to challenge the habits of how the world feeds people.

We had our first contact with insect eating when we travelled to Asia, this ignited our curiosity to investigate more. But it wasn’t until we read loads of scientific studies and learned more about nutrition, when we discovered a surprising simple solution: using cricket flour was the most versatile and tasty way to incorporate this superfood into our diet. 

Cricket flour is a natural source of:

• highest quality protein rated as high-end beef
• rich in super foods ingredients such as omega-3 and omega-6 fats
• powered with essential micronutrients such as iron, calcium, zinc, B12 and so much more

Cricket flour is a natural source of:

• highest quality protein rated as high-end beef
• rich in super foods ingredients such as omega-3 and omega-6 fats
• powered with essential micronutrients such as iron, calcium, zinc, B12 and so much more

Kickstarting the Food Revolution

So in 2016, we decided to bring our idea to life, creating our very first protein bars made with cricket flour. But you need money to start. And that was our initial trouble.

And that’s when we launched a campaign for collecting funds for our project in Kickstarter - a platform that allows ordinary people to support great new inventions and products.

We asked people to support our vision, having great success - people provided us with 30% more than we asked for in just 10 days! 


Experience natural highly nutritious foods with minimum environmental impact. The foods you know, only better:  protein bars, crackers,  gluten-free pasta, chocolate protein blend… 11 products all powered with sustainable cricket protein. 

Try our All Sens Starter Pack for  only €19!  (You safe -30%)

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The Struggle of a Startup

After such a success, we're full of enthusiasm and positivism, we started the production of our bars. Our optimism faded soon when we realised that getting high quality ingredients on a regular basis is a tricky game.

So, we ask ourselves… “what to do next? Think big? So, why not have our own farm?” But, how could we go this route not having enough money (Again!)?.

A Brave New World

And here is where we met Nico, a visionary who shared a similar dream and has just started his own cricket farm in Thailand. So we decided that we could join ventures (fancy term, eh?); well it just means that the 3 of us share a much larger project: have our own vertical farm to grow and harvest sustainable premium protein from healthy happy crickets. 
But we needed money to scale. So, as most of the other startups at this stage, we had to pitch investors to help us fund this new step in our journey.

With the help of new investors, we now produce in highly supervised facilities best in class cricket protein that delivers maximal nutrition features. Having all the ingredients of success together, we are able to offer products that deliver balanced highly nutritious food with minimum environmental impact!

What's next? Collab with World-Class Athlete

It’s official! We’ve partnered up with Adam Ondra. He’s not only the best professional climber in the world but also follows a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

"Sens provides me the high-quality nutrients in a way that does not harm the environment that I love so much. As a top-level athlete it can sometimes be tough to get all the necessary nutrients. I only eat sustainably produced foods. Sens provides the possibility to consume natural and healthy meals that are both sustainable and ideal for my diet and lifestyle."

-Adam Ondra

Adam Ondra’s Favourites

" I love the Sens Pleasure Bar as a healthy snack during training, providing me with both carbohydrates and proteins to keep going a little bit longer." - Adam Ondra

About Sens Pleasure Protein Bars:  Delicious natural treat with 6g of protein for anytime snacking, forget junk food. Available on the flavours: 

• Dark Chocolate & Sour Cherry
• Dark Chocolate & Orange
• Pineapple & Coconut

" Sens Serious protein bars are my post-workout snack since they are full or protein! I love that it is not very sweet, yet it still gives me a very satisfying feeling of eating something really tasty." - Adam Ondra

About Sens Serious Protein Bars: They are named after their Serious bitter strong taste. Fuel your performance with 20g of sustainable cricket protein. It comes in two variants:

• Peanut Butter & Cinnamon
• Bitter Cocoa & Sesame

" I love the chocolate cricket protein blend as my second dinner, to boost my protein intake after a long training day. It is tasty and naturally sweet." - Adam Ondra

About Sens Chocolate Protein Blend: This premium blend competes not only in price but also in taste with regular whey alternatives. It's not too sweet since it's made with real cocoa beans. Other natural ingredients, such as pumpkin and peas allow for an easy digestibility. And best come to last - Thanks to the sustainable cricket protein, you will not only fill full for longer, but also get nourished with amino-acids and healthy fats while doing something that's also good for the planet. 

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Avoid junk food and boost your performance with these protein bars powered with sustainable cricket protein. Try our new recipe of protein bars in this special offer. 

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