New Flavour Dark Chocolate and Sour Cherry

New Flavour Dark Chocolate and Sour Cherry

May 24, 2019SENSinternational Admin

It’s finally here! The Dark Chocolate & Sour Cherry pleasure protein bar is a brand-new addition to our cricket flour product portfolio. Who did we make it for? What nutrition does it bring to the table? Where can you get it? Let’s take a closer look.

It’s delicious

We selected the finest dark chocolate and the sourest dried cherry to give you the sweetest mouth pleasure you’ll ever experience in a protein bar. You will be eating real fruits, nuts, and cacao in a gingerbread-like experience. It’s made to be tasty first but there’s more to it than meets the tongue.

It’s full of protein and energy

We call it a pleasure protein bar because it gives you a respectable 7 g of protein of the same quality as beef while being truly pleasurable to eat. It also carries plenty of quick energy with 18 g of sugar from sour cherries and dates.

It’s healthy

There’s no added sugar or chemicals, just pure ingredients - dates, cashews, cricket flour, dried sour cherries, and psyllium. Cricket flour boosts the content of vitamin B12, iron, and several other essential nutrients, plus it makes this bar a very sustainable choice. Overall, it’s a well-balanced refreshment with 7 g of protein, 8,5 g of healthy fats, 5,5 g of fibre, and 21 g of carbs.

It’s for you

It’s perfect for active young people who are looking for a delicious snack that would fit their healthy lifestyle. It comes in handy on a busy workday when you need a quick pick-me-up. It gives your body the ideal 1:3 ratio of protein and carbs for recovery after a run, swim, bike, or a gym workout. It’s a sweet treat that won’t make you feel guilty.

We are really happy with how our fifth flavour turned out. It’s quickly becoming everyone’s favourite and we can wait till you try it too. Let us know if you’re switching to cherry too!

You can order the bar right here on our website. It’s ready to be shipped!

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