Treat Yourself to Amazing Breakfasts: Easy to Make and Full of Nutrients
Jun 26, 2024
Start your day right with these delicious and nutritious breakfasts! We've got two tasty recipes...
Conquering 4000m peaks with Pavel Paloncy
Nov 02, 2023
The adventurer and Sens ambassador Pavel Paloncy tells us about his recent mountain adventure, during which his team managed to conquer an incredible number of 8 European peaks over 4,000 meters in three days, and Sens products were there with him.
Recipe for Cricket Protein Cookies
Sep 22, 2021
Cricket flour is gaining in popularity as a baking ingredient. We’ve been getting nice pictures and recipes for various delicious treats that you guys made since we added cricket flour from our farm to the store. We love them! Please keep sending them and we will feature the best here on our blog.
3 Essential Tips for a Healthier Office Life
Sep 15, 2021
It’s cool that you exercise and try to lead a healthy lifestyle outside of work. But if you, like most people, spend the majority of your waking hours at the office you better learn how to stay healthy there too. Here are three actionable tips to improve your office life!
Eating Insects Improves Gut Health
Sep 08, 2021
It is well documented that insects are nutritious, filled with quality protein, vitamin B12, iron, calcium, and many other minerals. But the effects of insect-eating on gut health is something that was never explored, until now. A new clinical trial looked at what happens to the gut microbiota of people who start eating insects, and the results are really promising!
Crickets are a Nutritional Powerhouse
Sep 01, 2021
Calories are not hard to get, it is vitamins and minerals we are often lacking. Insects are not only sustainable and ethical to farm, they are also very nutritious. And that’s important! Deficiencies of minerals like iron and calcium are not rare, especially as we age. We are also encouraged to get more of those healthy omega-3 fats and increase the amount of fibre and protein we eat. Think of the foods you consider good sources of iron, calcium, protein, and fibre. It turns out that crickets are better when it comes to all of these!