Cricket Farm Tour – What Does a Modern Cricket Farm Look Like?
May 14, 2020
We want to take you on a tour of our own farm that we set up in Thailand. We have been talking about it for a long time so it’s time you took a look inside. There’s a lot to learn about how cricket flour is made so let’s start right away with what our farm actually looks like inside.
Behind the Scenes - How We Reimagined Our Cricket Communication and Remade Our Website
Mar 29, 2020
“Well, nobody wants to TRY INSECT FLOUR,” he said calmly and at that moment I realized he was right. We had just started to sell in supermarkets and this split-second communication of our whole mission was very new and very hard for us. That’s why, at the end of last year, we decided to completely reimagine how we talk about crickets. How did it turn out?
The Coronavirus Is a Result of Animal Abuse, the Future is Disease Free Farming
Mar 28, 2020
Our reliance on meat and abusive treatment of animals is not sustainable. The current coronavirus pandemic is just the latest symptom of a system that is not working. We need to focus on meat alternatives and disease-free farming if we want to make a meaningful change. Here is what we think can be done.
Video Recipe – Cricket Protein Pasta Sauce
Mar 25, 2020
Are you finding yourself at home with more time on your hands? How about trying a new recipe! We made a video recipe of our favourite pasta sauce that shows how easy it is to make a nutritious meal at home with the use of cricket flour pasta.
How to Safely Receive a Package From a Courier
Mar 16, 2020
Do I have to sign for the package? Should I wear a face mask? Can they just leave it in front of my door? We put together a short manual for how to receive a package in a way that protects the courier, yourself, and the whole society.
The New Cricket Flour Pasta is Here
Feb 28, 2020
So many of us love the simplicity and joy of pasta dishes yet we avoid them in order to minimize junk food in our diet. Such pity! That’s why we came up with our cricket flour pasta that is gluten free and protein rich. Finally, there’s a way to enjoy pasta without sacrificing nutrition.