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How to Safely Receive a Package From a Courier

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How to Safely Receive a Package From a Courier

Do I have to sign for the package? Should I wear a face mask? Can they just leave it in front of my door? We put together a short manual for how to receive a package in a way that protects the courier, yourself, and the whole society.

Pay online and you don’t have to sign

Based on information directly from our main delivery company GLS you can receive a package without having to sign for it. “There is no need to sign for packages at the moment. Our couriers have been instructed not to demand signatures from the recipient if the package is already paid for,” confirmed GLS representative. You can ask your delivery person to leave the package at your doorstep. This way you can avoid physical contact with the courier which is risky in terms of infection.

How long does the virus survive?

A lot of people are concerned about the package itself being a source of the infection. This picture shows that the virus can survive on certain surfaces like iron or plastic for many hours. This data comes directly from measurements made on coronavirus by scientists in the lab. These are early data, not yet measured by multiple laboratories, but the best knowledge we’ve got right now.

We took preventative measures

That’s why we took preventative measures at our warehouse just like GLS. “Employees, transport partners and their drivers are informed in detail about the necessary hygiene measures and are expressly requested to observe and comply with them. All locations are equipped with suitable disinfectant and disposable towels,” their website says.

Wear a face mask

If you can’t avoid direct contact with a courier you should use a face mask to protect them from getting infected and infecting others, just in case you are a carrier of the virus. No need to be worried about the package itself, just wash your hands after the whole transaction.

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