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Big News From the World of Insect Eating, December

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Big News From the World of Insect Eating, December

What happened in the world of insect eating in December? You can now buy a Bolognese sauce made with crickets and Italian style baked goods with mealworm. The global edible market is expected to grow substantially and cricket flour is predicted to be one of 2018 food trends.

Bolognese cricket sauce now available

Lee Cadesky, a food scientist, engineer, and passionate foodie, said in an interview: “we were looking for a way to get our insect meat replacer, something we call ‘Textured Insect Protein’ (TIP) into a product that could really replace a meat product on the market and we landed on Bolognese sauce. We got some designers together and worked with a chef to develop a recipe and One Hop Kitchen was born!"

Global edible insect food market to grow 42.1 %

Global edible insect food market is anticipated to showcase a tremendous compound annual growth rate of 42.1 % during the forecast period 2015-2021. Moreover, the global edible insect food market is projected to account exponential sales of USD 522.5 Million by the end of 2021.

Crickets and mealworms in Italian style baked goods

Camola Bakery specializes in baked goods inspired by traditional Italian recipes enhanced with mealworm and cricket flours. The bakery is run by baker Silvia Ronzani and CEO Claudio La Rocca, and has been a part of the University of Alberta Farmer’s Market. They want to promote the sustainability of insects as a food product and are gaining students’ interest.

Study supports use of cricket powder in emulsified meat products

Cricket powder has the potential to be used in emulsified meat products as a non-meat functional ingredient, according to a new study from scientists at Purdue University and Texas A&M published in Journal of Food Science. Crickets could replace up to 10% of meat in processed meats without negatively impacting texture or cooking yields. That might not sound like much but it’s yet another way to make our food system a bit more sustainable.

Cricket flour predicted to be one of 2018 food trends

The Specialty Food Association’s Trendspotter Panel predicts culinary innovation, continued health consciousness and demand for more developed flavours will be the factors that drive next year’s emerging favourites. One of the expected trends mentioned were also cricket flour and other nongrain sustainable proteins.



100 reviews
Delicious Proteins

I had the starter pack. I have to say, I really enjoyed it.
But lets go through it piece by piece.
Crackers: The crackers of all flavours were very good and crunchy. Only I found them a little bit too salty.
Protein bars (pleasure cricket): They were just perfect, I loved them.
Protein bars (serious): They were very good as well, but could be a little bit sweeter (but than they might not be serious anymore^^)
The protein powder tasted very good. I think it was sweeter than my usually used one(Huel), and did't feel to feed me as good, but still very nice.
The pasta were quite similar to other lentilles pasta, not very special.
I haven't tried the baking powder so far, but looking forward to use it for pancakes or so.


Product hasn't arrived yet but hopefully soon.


Excellent flavor and consistency

Chose this for it's sustainable source, because cricket farming is the way of the future. Very happy about taste and consistency.

Schon das 3. mal gekauft

Mein Lieblingsproteinpulver!
Schmeckt sehr schokoladig und süß. Perfekt für nach dem Training 🏋️‍♀️
Ich benutze es auch für Proteincookies und Muffins.

My new favorite

Super delicious, great texture and compatible for the stomach.

Echt empfehlenswert, löst sich super auf, hat einen guten Geschmack, und ist sehr verträglich (in der Regel kriege ich Magenbeschwerden bei den Molke Erzeugnissen, deswegen wollte ich nach Alternativen schauen, bei dem Proteinpulver habe ich jedoch keine pobleme)