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Give the Future of Food

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Give the Future of Food

Are you looking for gift ideas? Food is always a good choice but it needs to be tasty! And it better be interesting too. How about food that is good for the planet and reduces animal suffering? Now, giving the future of food, that's cool! Let’s look at your options.

Lab grown beef burger

How about giving someone a hamburger made entirely out of lab grown meat? It tastes great, it is very sustainable, and it definitely reduces animal suffering. The only problem is that the last time such a burger was made in 2013 it cost $325,000.

Clean chicken

Science is making a lot of progress in this area so if you can’t quite afford that burger patty, go for a chicken! A clean meat company Memphis Meats estimates the cost of a pound (450 g) of their lab grown chicken to be around $9,000.

Insect bars

If you’re not quite a millionaire yet, but still want to give the future of food, we have good news for you - edible insects are in stock! Our cricket based bars are full of the same quality protein as beef, they are produced sustainably, don’t cause any animal suffering, and they taste great!

We prepared Christmas gift packs with an appropriate message: "I wanted to give you the food of the future for Christmas. Lab-grown burger however cost $325,000 the last time I checked, so I chose the other alternative... Insect food. Merry Christmas!" and other goodies:

  • 4-pack of SENS bars of all flavours
  • Canvas bag in popular designs
  • Insect cookbook with 10 recipes
  • Christmas card
  • Stickers, flyers…

Let your friends and family taste the future. Give the most original gift this year! 



103 reviews
Suprised by taste

I have bought a starter pack and haven't tested all the products yet.
But protein bar and "milk" shake are excellent. And my friends are also interested in and so it's handy to have discount coupons for them.

Perfect ingredients, natural taste

I love the ingredients of this bar, nothing artificial, nothing that makes me bloated. I like that it is not too sweet, but has a natural, earthy flavour. Makes me full for hours.

Great powedered protein!

This very comparable to the mainstream whey powders from a nutritional content perspective - at 20/25 protein per scoop and ~120/30 kkcal. The taste is super nice! Blended in ~250/300 ml of water its surprisingly thick and smooth, which i like very much. The only minus I can think of is that it takes a bit more "shaking" to blend fully and ensure there are no hard pieces - not a big deal.

Delicious Proteins

I had the starter pack. I have to say, I really enjoyed it.
But lets go through it piece by piece.
Crackers: The crackers of all flavours were very good and crunchy. Only I found them a little bit too salty.
Protein bars (pleasure cricket): They were just perfect, I loved them.
Protein bars (serious): They were very good as well, but could be a little bit sweeter (but than they might not be serious anymore^^)
The protein powder tasted very good. I think it was sweeter than my usually used one(Huel), and did't feel to feed me as good, but still very nice.
The pasta were quite similar to other lentilles pasta, not very special.
I haven't tried the baking powder so far, but looking forward to use it for pancakes or so.


Product hasn't arrived yet but hopefully soon.