Our Cricket Flour is Amazingly Nutritious

Our Cricket Flour is Amazingly Nutritious

Oct 15, 2018SENSinternational Admin

Our new cricket farm is up and running and the final product is exceeding our expectations! We put a lot of effort into making the Cricket Lab not only the biggest but also the most technologically advanced cricket farm in the world. We are starting to see the results - our cricket flour is more nutritious than any other cricket flour we used before. Let’s take a closer look at the numbers!

In one of our previous blog posts we discussed what the most valuable nutrients in cricket flour are and why especially vegetarians and vegans could benefit. Vitamin B12 is probably the most important one because vegans have no way of getting it from food, and even vegetarians and omnivores struggle to get the recommended daily 2,4 mcg. Plant foods also contain non-heme iron which is a less bioavailable variation of this mineral and makes it harder to get the recommended 18 mg of iron for women and 8 mg for men.

Just 10 g of our cricket flour covers your daily B12 and iron

We know that crickets are a nutritional powerhouse but not every brand of cricket flour takes full advantage of all of that quality nutrition. That’s why we had ours tested in a lab and the results show that 100 g of our flour contains 65,9 g of protein, 5,6 g of fibre, 23,1 mcg of vitamin B12, 433,4 mg of calcium, and 168,6 mg of iron. These are the best lab results of any cricket flour we have used so far! You can check them out here. We are really excited because it means that just 10 g of our flour is enough to cover the daily needs for vitamin B12 and iron – and that’s exactly how much we put in each of our protein bars!

How did we produce such nutritious flour?

We are bringing automation and modern technology to an industry where there has been none. We farm crickets vertically in boxes up to 6 meters high in racks. We also process them into powder through a high-end spray drying technology. From farming to processing, we collect data about everything and use it to improve how we run our farm.

And this is just the beginning. We named our cricket farm the Cricket Lab for a reason. We are committed to better understand and perfect the art of farming crickets. You can expect even more nutritious and cheaper cricket flour as we continue our research.

Cover your daily vitamin B12 and iron requirements with our cricket-flour protein bars!

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