Behind the Scenes - How We Reimagined Our Cricket Communication and Remade Our Website

Behind the Scenes - How We Reimagined Our Cricket Communication and Remade Our Website

Mar 29, 2020SENSinternational Admin

“Well, nobody wants to TRY INSECT FLOUR,” he said calmly and at that moment I realized he was right. We had just started to sell in supermarkets and this split-second communication of our whole mission was very new and very hard for us. That’s why, at the end of last year, we decided to completely reimagine how we talk about crickets. How did it turn out?

The goal: a new floorstand that speaks clearly

Floorstands in supermarkets are like the Champions League in football. You have to perform really well because the opportunity to even play is precious. You can’t mess this up! And we did. Our floorstand just wasn’t right. It was so small that people had to crouch down to pick up the bars and the biggest headline was the SENS logo. Which doesn’t work because most people in those supermarkets didn’t know who we were, yet!

We knew we wanted a new floor stand but to do it right we had to rethink everything from the ground up. How do we want present crickets? What will be the main benefit?

Maximal nutrition, minimal harm

We thought back to our roots and reminded ourselves why we set out on this whole venture. We wanted to offer maximally nutritious foods with minimal harm to the environment. A rational approach. We were used to going beyond what is considered normal since the beginning. Crickets? A crazy idea, a provocation even for some people. For us they are fulfilling our company mantra with a bit of punk. Maximal good, minimal bad.

Cricket protein and a new website

Insects, bugs, crickets, locusts or cricket protein? We see it clearly now. Protein is the main motivator, that’s what humans need in their diet! We decided to put a symbol of a cricket on all of our packaging and every product now proudly says – CRICKET PROTEIN. Such a dramatic change needs a new website, of course. Here at we want to make you feel like you’re part of our team. You will learn more about our cricket farm, peek behind the scenes, and see more of what we do and struggle with. Maximal disclosure, minimal nonsens.

Take a look around our new website!

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