Behind the Scenes, Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Behind the Scenes, Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Apr 07, 2017SENSinternational Admin

Finally, our plans have become reality, a tasty and nutritious reality of energy and protein bars. The first ever batch of SENS bars has been produced and transported to the logistics centre. First things first, we are shipping rewards to our backers from the Kickstarter crowd funding campaign. Trust us when we say they’ve waited long enough. Now it’s your turn to give our bars a try.

There are no two ways about it, we delayed our production too many times! Despite that, none of our supporters showed any negativity. We only received cheers for the whole time and that’s something special. We are very grateful; your support enabled us to get our project off the ground. Thank you!


We have a new website

Yep, you are looking at it right now and yep, we love it too. We aren’t saying that just because it's ours. It does have several features we are really proud of. However, it is still a beta version, so if you come across any issues, let us know.

You can finally order SENS bars

The most frequent question we got was: Where can we order your bars? Well, we have an answer for you now - right here! What we love about our website the most is the speed. We have opted for creating our own custom-made platform using the latest technology. The ordering process should be superfast and convenient! We want to make returning customers feel comfortable :)


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