How to Fuel a Spartan Race with Insects

How to Fuel a Spartan Race with Insects

May 19, 2019SENSinternational Admin

The endurance and strength training that Spartans have to do to keep up with the running, obstacles, and burpees on race day requires proper fuel. That’s why Spartan and SENS joined forces to bring cricket protein where it belongs. Here is why insects are a great fit for Spartan nutrition.

Protein is key for recovery

Proteins and the amino acids in them are the building blocks for growth and repair of muscle tissue and production of enzymes and hormones. Sufficient protein intake makes recovery much easier. Research confirms that consuming protein after exercise increases muscle mass and strength gains, especially after resistance-type exercise training (1).

How much protein do you need?

Research shows that people who do strength training probably need about 1,4 – 1,8 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight a day and endurance athletes about 1,2-1,4 g per kg (2). For an average 75 kg athlete this would mean eating between 90 – 135 g of protein a day. The lower end would suit those focusing more on endurance work and the higher end for those who are building strength.

What kind of protein do you need and when?

It is not necessary to eat protein immediately after exercise, but research does suggest that spreading protein intake evenly across the day helps maintain strength and muscle mass. This means eating roughly 25–30 grams of high-quality protein per meal (3). High-quality protein should have a favourable amino-acid ratio and good digestibility as we explained in our previous article. Thanks to insects you don’t have to rely only on meat to get it. For example, cricket flour has the same protein quality as beef.

Cricket protein in a portable package

SENS protein bars contain 20 g of high-quality protein which makes them ideal for athletes who want to make sure they get an even spread of protein throughout the day. If you miss a meal because of something unexpected, a cricket-flour protein bar in your pocket can save the day. And it also allows you to keep up with your nutrition while travelling.

It goes without saying that a quality protein bar has to contain natural ingredients only. Most protein bars are full of additives, chemicals, and refined sugar and those things won’t help your recovery. SENS bars keep it simple, only seven real, nutritious ingredients.

Try our serious protein bar with cricket flour right here and fuel your Spartan training right!


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