Conquering 4000m peaks with Pavel Paloncy

Conquering 4000m peaks with Pavel Paloncy

Nov 02, 2023Marketing Team

The adventurer and Sens ambassador Pavel Paloncy tells us about his recent mountain adventure, during which his team managed to conquer an incredible number of 8 European peaks over 4,000 meters in three days, and Sens products were there with him.


What was your goal on this adventure?


I have been pushed lately to favor work over the mountains. So, I simply wanted to return to the mountains, be up in the heights, enjoy climbing, and just spend time in alpine terrain. I also wanted to get back into it as preparation for further, higher, and more challenging expeditions because I don't intend to stop just there. I want to go further and higher into the mountains.

A friend of mine is attempting to climb all of the European 4000 meters. He currently has 20 left to climb out of the 82 in total. The ones left are the most challenging ones. So this was an opportunity for him to expand his collection and to me it guaranteed an interesting expedition. In the end, we managed to conquer 8 of them.



What Sens products did you take with you?


I had 2 packs of Sens Adventure Menu Ready-to-Eat Outdoor Meal with Cricket Protein Penne, 1 pack of Sens Oat Cricket High Protein Breakfast, 3 Pleasure Cricket Protein Bars, and 1 Serious Cricket Protein Bar. Those were not only all the Sens products but almost all the food I had (beyond that, I had 2 remnants of nut paste in a tube and two cucumbers for the first dinner).

Overall, I tried to go light and save on food as much as possible. I had very little, but considering we were only going out there for three days, and the climbing was intense. I was extremely focused, so I didn't miss the food. I even brought back one Penne and two bars.


How did you enjoy the Oat Cricket High Protein Breakfast out there?


It tasted good. Breakfast at 3:00 was the last warm meal we had on the final day and was very delicate and pleasant before the endless final day. Overall, it was the last meal until roughly noon.



What is your take on the Sens Adventure Menu Penne?

On such mountain expeditions, I try to save on weight to the max, so freeze-dried food is the best thing a person can take. I've always found that Sens pasta fills me up much more than the traditional kind. So it's even more suitable for the mountains because you can save on weight and it's not at the expense of taste.



Pavel is currently on an Expedition in Nepal. So, we wish him the best of luck and perfect conditions on all his future adventures!

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Bon voyage!

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