Adam Ondra, World Champion Climber

Defined by the New York Time as the best professional climber in the world, he also follows a sustainable and  healthy lifestyle.

Getting to know Adam

Adam Ondra is wildely know as the best climber in the world. Adam slowly but surely rose to fame as a child prodigy by infuriating grown climbers all over the world. Leaving them wonder how a 10 year old kid manages to climb harder than they ever had. Throughout his competition career he consistently collected one world title after another.

Nevertheless, Adam's main discipline has always been climbing outdoors. Since we'd have to mail you a book if we were to list all his achievements (but go have a look this guy is really something) we'll give you one that sums it all up. In 2017 Adam was the first one to send a 9C route. To this day it remains the hardest route ever climbed in the world.

Adam is far from done when it comes to raging on the rocks and walls of the world. We wish him the best of luck for the next Olympics and we are very happy to call him our partner.

Adam & Sens

"This collaboration just made sense, since I spend loads of time in nature and, as a top athlete, I care a lot about what I eat. I see nutrition as the most important part of recovery, the better you recover, the better you can train the day after.  Sens is full of high-quality nutrients in a way that does not harm the environment that I love so much.  Sens provides the possibility to consume natural and healthy meals that are both sustainable and ideal for my diet and lifestyle." 

Adam Ondra

Banana Protein Blend by AO

Its delicious banana flavor was developed in collaboration with our favorite climbing superstar Adam Ondra.  

The blend has all the right stuff in it - premium quality protein, natural ingredients and lots of real bananas of course.

And that's not all. In every spoon there is 75% sustainable protein and the packaging is 100% home compostable.

But we didn't do it alone - Hundreds of Adam's fans helped us along the way. Join our community of innovators by tasting the blend by yourself. 

Adam's favourites

Serious Protein Bars

Serious Protein Bars

"Sens Serious protein bars are my post-workout snack since they are full or protein! I love that it is not very sweet, yet it still gives me a very satisfying feeling of eating something really tasty."
Pleasure Bars

Pleasure Bars

" I love the Sens Pleasure Bar as a healthy snack during training, providing me with both carbohydrates and proteins to keep going a little bit longer." 
Chocolate Protein Blend

Chocolate Protein Blend

"I love the chocolate cricket protein blend as my second dinner, to boost my protein intake after a long training day. It is tasty and naturally sweet." 

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