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4 Reasons to Try Cricket Flour from Our Farm

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4 Reasons to Try Cricket Flour from Our Farm

Cricket flour is well-known for being a sustainable and protein rich ingredient but it is a lot more than that. Our own farm, the Cricket Lab, is producing the most nutritious cricket flour we’ve come across and we are happy to announce that you can now order it right here on our website! Here are four reasons why we think it should be in your pantry.

Our cricket farm started large-scale production about a year ago. With the use of vertical farming and automation we brought innovation to an industry that was severely lacking it. You can take a look at what cricket farming looks like in our previous article. Our efforts to reduce price and make cricket flour as nutritious as possible continue.

Boost your protein intake

It’s well known that protein helps you feel full and sated and by extension benefits weight management. It’s also very important for recovery after sports. With cricket-flour you can boost almost any food with protein and increase your intake that way. Each 100 g of our cricket flour contains 66 g of protein that is of the same quality as beef. Check out our article on protein quality to learn more.

Get more vitamins, minerals & fibre

Cricket flour is not just about protein. Crickets are a rich source of vitamin B12, which is especially valuable for vegans and vegetarians who tend to suffer from its deficiency more often than meat-eaters. Cricket flour is also a great source of a highly bioavailable form of iron, omega-3s, calcium, fibre called chitin, and other nutrients. Studies are starting to show health benefits of its consumption. It’s a nutrient-dense superfood that will enhance any meal. Check out lab tests for our cricket flour to see for yourself.

Use it in any recipe you like

Cricket flour is virtually tasteless, when you combine it with other ingredients, you won’t know it’s there. It’s an ideal ingredient for pancakes, cookies, cakes, muffins, porridge, smoothies, bread, pasta, basically any recipe you want. Follow our blog and social media, there are a lot more recipes coming your way.

Be a part of a sustainable future

The protein in cricket flour is one of the most sustainably produced ones on the planet! To produce the same amount of protein as cattle, crickets need 12x less feed, 15x less land, 2000x less water and produce 100x less greenhouse gasses. And crickets are also treated much more ethically compared to large conventionally raised farm animals. If you get some of your daily protein from edible insects instead of conventionally farmed meat, you're contributing to a sustainable food system.

Who is it for?

Cricket flour will excite baking enthusiasts who like to spice things up with nutritious ingredients. It’s perfect also for those that just want an easy way to boost their morning pancakes, snack bowl, or a smoothie with some extra protein. It’s a gluten-free and lactose-free flour and the only ingredient in it are crickets. We are excited for you to try it!

Order our cricket flour in 50 g or 250 g packs right here on our website!

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Bigman powder!

This is the best protein powder on the market. I enjoy it after good and hard climbing session, and since i started using SENS' protein powder, i feel much than ever!

Fantastic bar!

The taste of the bar is so delicious. I enjoy it the most when i'm out climbing and so i can get that extra boost of energy.

Proteínové tyčinky

Proteínové tyčinky od SENS chutia jednoducho skvele! Pomer proteínu 20g na 60 gramovú tyčinku je výborný. O kvalite svedčia tiež poctivé, kvalitné suroviny priamo z farmy. Ak sa náhodou zaujímate o udržateľnosť, SENS je tá pravá voľba!

Výborný protein shake!

Proteín sa veľmi dobre rozpúšťa ako vo vode tak v mlieku (osobne preferujem kombináciu s vodou). Pre mňa ako človeka, ktorý sa snaží žiť ekologicky a využívať čo najviac eko produktov, je toto skvelá alternatíva k bežným proteínom. V porovnaní s ostatnými vysoko kvalitnými proteínmi je cena veľmi dobrá a spoločnosť sa ju snaží ešte znížiť. Za mňa TOP voľba! :)