Hello, World!

Hello, World!

Jun 17, 2016SENSinternational Admin

Hello, World!

We are SENS Foods. We are a team of two young co-founders and a renowned chef who specializes in cooking insects. With the help of our colleagues, friends, and anyone who is excited about our vision, we want to offer the western world a new, alternative diet. A diet that is healthy, sustainable, and ethical, a big contrast to our current one.

We are motivated by the beautiful idea of helping our society take important steps towards a sustainable future.

Our vision for the future:

  • Meat (and food in general) is produced and consumed sensibly,
  • animals are treated more humanely,
  • alternative sources of protein are promoted and consumed,
  • ... and SENS is part of this future.

Stay in touch there's a lot more coming!

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