Can You Eat Insects if You Have Diabetes and Coeliac?
Mar 19, 2019
We talked to one of our customers, Petr, who has both type I. diabetes and coeliac and asked him what life with these diseases is like and how cricket flour fits into his diet. What does he like to eat or breakfast? How does he fuel his sports activities? Read on.
Infographics: All You Needed to Know About the Meat Problem
Mar 17, 2019
Do we have a meat problem? Maybe. It depends on what you consider a problem. Some people think meat could one day make our whole planet uninhabitable. Sounds like a stretch? Read on and make up your own mind.
Should You Be Afraid of Cholesterol in Cricket Flour?
Feb 07, 2019
Cholesterol is linked to heart disease so eating foods high in cholesterol is unhealthy, right? No, not exactly. Even though crickets do contain cholesterol there’s a difference between dietary cholesterol and blood cholesterol. Let’s take a closer look to clear up the confusion.
How to Overcome the Fear of Eating Insects
Oct 24, 2018
We all know that insects could help revolutionize our food system, they are the kings of sustainability, they help limit animal suffering, and they are amazingly nutritious. The only problem is the “yuck” factor. Insects just aren’t a common food in the western world. Let’s look at the available science and our own experiences with edible insect products and formulate a plan to help people overcome the fear of eating insects.