Behind The Scenes, Chasing the Next Big Goal

Behind The Scenes, Chasing the Next Big Goal

Oct 04, 2017SENSinternational Admin

This summer was do, or die, for us. Our launch campaign was supposed to be a big hit, something that would comfortably get us to our goals. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a smooth ride. Our investors were interested in hard numbers and we had to dig deep to get them.

A bumpy road towards our goal

We started things off with a big delay. Everything was late including our website, our campaign, and partnerships with media and influencers. We were so focused on perfecting everything we forgot about one crucial factor. Snack bars during summer is not the best idea, nobody wants to eat sweets when it’s blazing hot outside.

We were putting a lot of hope into our launch campaign, but the sales numbers in the first weeks weren’t even close to what our investors wanted to see. We learned one thing about business at that point – we had to leave our Generation Y need for instant gratification behind and focus on the long run.

We worked really hard to accelerate our sales in the coming months. We were there for every customer, every email, comment, and question. Towards the end of the summer it was either make a successful push or close the whole thing down. Thankfully, our efforts started paying off in July and August and we hit our goals with a few weeks to spare. It was a real challenge! But we succeeded and kept the support of our investors for another 6 – 9 months. That’s the life of a start-up in a nutshell, doing our best to survive another day.

SENS might be the biggest insect foods company in Europe

We would like to thank every single one of our customers. You are making insect eating real! SENS might currently be the biggest company focused on insect consumer products operating in Europe. That’s a big deal for us - thank you!

PS: We used to watch the Game of Thrones at our Monday office evening. Usually people can’t wait to go home from work on Monday, not us! Apart from having to work late almost every day, we like to enjoy our time in the office. So, since GoT season 7 is over now, do you have any tips for our Monday night series?

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