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Big News From the World of Insect Eating, October

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Big News From the World of Insect Eating, October

What happened in the world of insect eating in October? Insect meatballs score a win at the largest food trade fair, Finland legalizes farming and harvesting of insects for human consumption, and you can now grow edible insects at home with The Hive.

Insect meatballs named the most innovative product

At this year's Anuga, the world's largest food trade fair in Cologne, Germany, Micarna introduced “Pop-Bugs” which are meatballs made with cricket flour. The snack was selected by a panel of judges as among the most innovative new products on display, both for its ingredients and its taste.

Finland legalizes farming and harvesting of insects for human consumption

The Food Safety Authority Evira approved a change that allows certain insects to enter the human food chain. Finland will be only the fifth EU country – after the UK, Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark – to allow insects to be used in whole, or ground into powder and added to foods.

Raise edible insects at home with The Hive

A company called Livin Farms set out to make a counter top machine that raises live worms that can be harvested and eaten at home. The project raised $145,429 on Kickstarter in June 2017 and their product, The Hive, is nearly ready for shipping. Check them out!

Edible insect production forecasted to be 10x larger by 2023

Wendy Lu McGill, founder of Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch, commented in an article for University of Denver:

“Edible insect production is a growing industry. Insects as part of food products, particularly cricket powder as a nutritional ingredient in snack foods, is forecast to increase from $54 million annually to $523 million by 2023.”

 Help us spread the word. Be a part of the change. Try our cricket-based bars!



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