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Hello, World!

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Hello, World!

Hello, World!

We are SENS Foods. We are a team of two young co-founders and a renowned chef who specializes in cooking insects. With the help of our colleagues, friends, and anyone who is excited about our vision, we want to offer the western world a new, alternative diet. A diet that is healthy, sustainable, and ethical, a big contrast to our current one.

We are motivated by the beautiful idea of helping our society take important steps towards a sustainable future.

Our vision for the future:

  • Meat (and food in general) is produced and consumed sensibly,
  • animals are treated more humanely,
  • alternative sources of protein are promoted and consumed,
  • ... and SENS is part of this future.

Stay in touch there's a lot more coming!



114 reviews
Great taste

I really love the taste it is an amazing snack for after my training not to sweet so absolutely great also during the training. I can absolutely recommend it to everyone!

Positively surprised!

At first I was a little bit skeptical about the flavour but it tastes awesome.
I will buy it again for sure!

Try it! For real!!!

Very good taste and a + for the environment too. Definitely worth giving it a try;)

My employees and kids liked it very much

Pretty good

Erfüllt alle Erwartungen

Ich habe mir schon länger vorgenommen auf insektenbasiertes Essen (und vor allem Protein) umzusteigen und bin hier bei sens fündig geworden! Das ganze Konzept ist einfach hervorragend! Leider bin ich nicht wirklich wählerisch was Essen angeht, deswegen auch kein allzu großer Foodkritiker, aber fand alle Produkte sehr lecker und gesund sind sie ja sowieso. Firmen wie sens und ihre Produkte sind definitiv die Zukunft!