Behind the Scenes, Making a New Logo

Behind the Scenes, Making a New Logo

Feb 08, 2017SENSinternational Admin

Logo is one of those things you have million ideas about, want to be just perfect, but isn’t really a priority. We weren’t happy with the original one for a long time. An opportunity to rework the logo came, so we took it.

We were debating whether to show an insect in the logo or not. On one hand, insects are a big part of our company’s vision, on the other hand, they still represent something quite unpleasant for the average Joe. And after all, the average Joe is someone we will also have to inspire to eat insects, if we really want to change how society thinks about food.

As you can see, we kept an insect in the logo. But we did make it into a shape that can represent many things, not just insects, but maybe even us, people.

When in doubt, ask your backers

With a new logo and different dimensions of our bars, we had to also adjust the packaging design. We wanted to keep it as simple as possible, yet let our customers know how unique our product is. We came up with two designs but couldn’t decide which was better. So, we turned to our Kickstarter backers for help.

We received a lot of feedback! And not just votes for A or B, but commentary too. This allowed us to choose the winning design and also make some improvements. We are very happy with the result. Which one is your favorite? Which one do you think is the winner?

We don't want to reveal our choice just yet. We want it to keep it a surprise for when your first order arrives!


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