Diet 2.0 – Our Vision for the Future of Food
Apr 25, 2017
The future of our food system is uncertain. The population keeps growing and we are already struggling to feed everyone. We are inefficient; roughly one third of the food produced in the world every year is wasted. We are not sustainable; we are depleting our resources faster than they can recover. Climate change could make half the world’s current farmland unsuitable. Our current food supply does not meet the demands of a healthy diet. A lot has to change if we are to feed everyone, stay healthy, and be ethical while doing it. That’s why we present Diet 2.0, our vision for the future of food.
If Vegans Ate Insects, They Would Lessen Animal Suffering
Aug 07, 2016
We are all well aware of the inhumane treatment and killing of animals that goes on in slaughterhouses and concentrated animal farming operations. But there is another much less talked about, but just as real danger to animals: Farming of edible crops.