Serious Cricket Protein Bars

Dense nutrition to fuel your workout or your hiking trip, composed of only real food with 20g of protein. The first real non-chemical protein bar.


CHF 3.00

High-quality protein from the best source

Premium ingredients from natural origin

Balanced nutrients, both macro- & micro-

100% sustainable with minimal harm

Maximal protein, minimal bullshit

Dense nutrition to fuel your workout or your hiking trip, composed of only real food with 20g of protein.

Reviews from already convinced innovators. Will you join us?

Sens is full of high-quality nutrients that do not harm the environment that I love so much.

Adam Ondra, World Champion Climber

Expect the unexpected. Sustainable protein and an excellent yummy taste.

Kim Komnenić, Fitness Coach & Influencer

Natural taste from ingredients you can understand

Cricket Flour





Frequently asked question

Regular high protein bars are either full of sugars or chemicals. Just look at their long ingredient list! Our SERIOUS bars also have 20g of protein, which consist of a mix of high quality cricket protein and plant protein. The bars are processed as little as possible with mostly natural ingredients and low carbohydrate content.

Forget the regular rubbery and hard protein bars. Our newest recipe is much softer than before, almost like a cake. Also, our SERIOUS bars are less sweet than standard and will not make your mouth sugar sticky. The flavor is intense and real - real peanut butter, real dark chocolate… no bullshit. PS: cricket protein only adds a nutritious boost and has no flavor.

Most protein comes from high-quality cricket flour, which is also the source of high-quality fats, fibre, and micronutrients like B12 and iron. We add quality plant proteins like fava bean protein to enrich the amino acid profile. Finally, we used a tiny amount of dates and chicory root fiber to bind everything together. Maximal fuel, minimal ingredients.


Ingredients: peanut butter (22%) (peanuts 100%), cricket flour (Acheta domesticus) (20 %), dates, Fava bean protein, chicory root fiber, cocoa butter, pumpkin protein, dates, cinnamon (1.7%).

Allergens: People who are allergic to molluscs and crustaceans or dust mites may have an allergic reaction to crickets. May contain traces of other nuts, sezame and soy.


Ingredients: cricket flour (Acheta domesticus) (20 %), sesame protein (19 %), date syrup, tahini (100% sesame seeds), cocoa mass (15%), Fava bean protein, cocoa powder (3 %), chicory root fiber. 

Allergens: People who are allergic to molluscs and crustaceans or dust mites may have an allergic reaction to crickets. May contain traces of peanuts, other nuts and soy.

Ingredients and nutritional table

Sustainable protein

The same quality protein as high-end beef.
100x less CO2 produced.

Cricket protein is our innovative way to get
maximal nutrition with minimal harm.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Perfect snack for a hard climb/workout session!

I justl ove this bars. I bought them cause I love that the ingredients are only a few and good ones and not as in many bars just different kind of sugars.
I bring them all the time and eat them post climbing to boost recovery and energy. My kids can't stop eating them as well. Especially this taste :D

Ralf Rüggeberg (DE)
good taste!

I like to eat my bar after training very much, it has a good taste.

Annarita Gili (IT)
BAR | Bitter Cocoa & Sesame

These bars are good, but not like Peanut Butter & Cinnamon bars

T.C. (HR)
best bars ever

great bars. super nutritional, very tasty. thay dont freeze on low temperature so I can eat them on winter climbs.

manon recour (FR)
good but maybe better :)

I'm pretty happy with this bar, it's high in protein and the energy is pretty fast.
On the other hand, the taste is a little too bitter, but otherwise RAS (texture, color, fondant is perfect).
thanks for this new nutritive alternative

Annarita Gili (IT)
SERIOUS CRICKET PROTEIN BAR | Peanut Butter & Cinnamon Box 12x

This bars are very good, better than cocoa and sesame bars

Francesca Bordin (IT)
Tasty bars

The texture is great, not to mention the flavour: if you love cinnamon and chocolate then these bars are the ideal snack.

Eugenia Rivolta (IT)
Cricket Protein Bar Lover

I really really love both the flavour and the texture of this bars (both cocoa flavoured and peanut flavoures actually). Not too dry so you don't need a gallon of wather after you eat them but firm enough to throw some in the bottom of your backpack and forget about them untill needed and be sure they're still perfect in shape. A life saver during trekkings!

Eugenia Rivolta (IT)
Criket Protein Bars

I made the first order out of Covid confinement boredom, I repurchased them because they're good! Still can't decide if I like more the peanut and cinnamon or the cocoa and sesame ones but that's not a big problem, I keep buyin one box each and it's solved XD
They were a life saver during my trekking in the Dolomites this summer, easy protein backup ready in my backpack without the risk of any unrequired coating melting or shaker spilling. Plus, I really like both the taste and the textures of this bars, I will keep on buying.

Irene (CH)
Sustainable proteins

The bars taste good, are not too sweet and are well suited as a snack.