Sustainable beyond ingredients

Our objective is to create maximally nutritious products with minimum amount of negative impact on the planet.

Pioneering home-compostable solutions

Our resealable protein breakfasts along with our protein blends are 100% home compostable in only 60 days; including recycled paper bags, eco-labels made out of grass printed with bio-based colors, and glue made from sugar cane residues. We don't just stop at industrial composting, if we can we go further.

There used to be a tiny plastic window but no more

Small steps can make a big difference. Sens protein pasta comes in a simple recyclable paper box without any extra plastic bag inside unlike most of traditional retail packaging for dry goods such as rice or legumes.

No plastic involved in our shipment process

Each order is prepared with care. We stamp each box manually in order to reduce the amount of chemicals used in process. There is no bubble wrap in our packaging either. We use shred paper instead and even the tape is made of paper. Not to brag or anything...

We use plastic where it makes sense

In the case of some of our products plastic packaging remains the winning option to avoid food waste. For example our protein bars: we tested compostable packaging but unfortunately, the bars were rock solid after just two months. This is a no go for food retail shelf-life norms.

We are always on the lookout for new solutions.