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Big News From the World of Insect Eating, November

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Big News From the World of Insect Eating, November

What happened in the world of insect eating in November? Edible insects are among top 5 food trends of 2017, world’s first insect bread is available at grocery stores in Finland, you can now order insect dishes on Deliveroo, and much more.

Edible insects are among top 5 food trends of 2017 by Forbes

A panel of culinary experts selected a top 10 list of food and restaurant trends based on ideas from restaurants all over the U.S. Edible insects finished 5th and Mike Thelin, one of the judges had this to say: "While it may be the novelty that piques the interest, this is no gimmick. As it turns out, bugs are delicious!"

World’s first insect bread available at grocery stores in Finland

Finnish bakery and food service company Fazer launched the world’s first insect-based bread to be offered to consumers in stores. The bread, made from flour ground from dried crickets as well as wheat flour and seeds, contains more protein than normal wheat bread. Each loaf contains about 70 crickets and costs 3.99 euros, compared with 2 to 3 euros for a regular wheat loaf.

Start-up gets $360,000 to farm grasshoppers for the Western world

Dror Tamir, co-founder of Hargol FoodTech, the world’s first commercial grasshopper farmer, convinced the judges and the audience at the Tel Aviv Creator Awards that this seemingly disgusting insect is the protein source of the future. Convincing the Western world to digest grasshoppers is no small feat, and for this, Hargol FoodTech received $360,000.

You can now order insect dishes on Deliveroo

Anyone using the Deliveroo app around Shoredtich, London can order spicy cricket rice cakes, salted cricket and smoked tomato salad, or buffalo worms wrapped in a betel leaf, with each dish featuring on a new menu created by the take-away service in collaboration with Eat Grub, a company that sources and sells edible insects. If successful, the pop-up could be rolled out on the app nationwide.

Exo and Tiny Farms join forces to make crickets the next great protein

Two well established edible insect companies—Exo, the cricket bar producer, and Tiny Farms, the cricket flour supplier —joined forces to help make crickets the next great protein. Their biggest obstacle is the fact that Western countries are still finding the concept a little yucky.



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