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Can Other Protein Sources Match Insects?

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Can Other Protein Sources Match Insects?

The way we produce protein today is not sustainable and unethical. A change is inevitable. The question is, which protein source is going to become the new norm? Let’s look at meat and plant protein and compare them to insect protein in terms of sustainability, morality, and quality.

Meat protein

The most popular protein source in the western world is probably meat. In terms of protein quality it’s great, it can be called a complete protein - easily digestible with an ideal amino acid ratio. The problem is that factory farming of big animals like cattle or poultry is unethical and bad for the environment.

Plant protein

Farming plants for protein doesn’t harm animals, but it does cause animals to die because of loss of natural habitat, chemical fertilizers, and heavy machinery. It is good for the environment because plants require substantially less resources than big animals and produce near zero greenhouse gasses, even though it creates a lot of waste – parts of plants we can’t digest. Nutritional protein quality is where plants lag behind meat, they are harder to digest and have a sub-optimal amino acid ratio, they carry incomplete proteins.

Insect protein

Insects provide us with complete protein that’s similar quality to meat. They are also environmentally friendly, they require less resources than plants and they are even able to convert organic food waste into protein. We also consider their farming to be ethical because top scientists studying insects say insects do not feel pain and aren’t capable of experiencing suffering. Plus farmers use precautions to avoid even the theoretical harm.

If we consider all three main aspects: nutritional quality, sustainability, and ethics it’s clear that insects are our best option so far. The only thing we need to do is give them a try and see that they can be a tasty part of our diet too!

Choose the best protein. Try our tasty bars full of cricket protein!

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218 reviews
Very good, fruity and refreshing!

These bars are very fruity, without any chocolate base or layer. I think they are perfect for summer snacks!

Good, like them, even though I still don't feel the nutrition value

The problem is that even after eating them with only a bit of cheese and some sauce, I am still thinking to eat something else. I guess the problem is that it takes around 20 min to find out I have eaten enough, so I should start eating them by sticks or one by one:-). But anyway they are fine, mostly taste like whole grain pasta with a bit of lens. Better than some whole grain pasta, I had.

proteinove cestoviny

Vyborna alternativa cestovin, rychla priprava, vynikajuca chut, energeticky vydatne jedlo. Odporucam

Skvělá chuť

Chutná ještě lépe, než čekáte. Hodí se k pivu atd.

Really good - wirklich gut

Die Proteinriegel mit Zimt werde ich wieder bestellen. Wirklich lecker