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Diet 2.0 – When Will Cricket Protein Be Cheaper Than Chicken Protein?

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Diet 2.0 – When Will Cricket Protein Be Cheaper Than Chicken Protein?

Chicken is thought to be the most efficient animal at converting feed to protein. That’s probably why chicken is one of the cheapest types of meat. The problem is, mass factory farming of chickens is not sustainable and causes tremendous harm to animals. There needs to be a much better alternative to chicken protein in the future. And with cricket farming, the future may be closer than you think.

Crickets are more efficient at producing protein than chickens

A study (1) comparing crickets to chickens found that 450 g of specialized poultry feed was enough to produce 260 g of edible crickets and 190 g of edible chicken. That’s an impressive result considering the chicken had an advantage of 90 years of farming experience over 500 consecutive growing cycles on roughly 20 billion chickens. In contrast, the authors completed only 3 growing cycles with about 50 thousand crickets in for this study. Protein conversion efficiency was a closer race but bugs still beat birds by roughly 10%.

Investments and automation are coming

As you can see crickets can already deliver greater efficiency than chickens have achieved after 90 years of experimentation. Just imagine what happens after cricket farmers figure out the ideal feed. Cricket farming also has a lot of potential in automation and vertical farming. Guys at Tiny Farms are already making progress but there’s a lot more to come. In our eyes, crickets look like a better bet going forward.

Prices going down

Even though crickets have a lot of potential, cricket farming is in its infancy so the price of cricket protein is still very high. But there is a lot of research and smart people interested in making cricket protein’s price competitive.

Jarrod Goldin, the president of Entomo farms said in 2016 “Chicken farming is literally one of the most studied industries on the planet. We will get there. We have already brought the wholesale price down by about 30 % this year. We see further decreases by end of year.

As for us, we will have some big news to share with you soon. Our goal is clear – make insect eating the new normal. And we will do everything we can to make that happen. Stay tuned!

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  • Lundy ME, Parrella MP, ‘Crickets are not a free lunch: protein capture from scalable organic side-streams via high-density populations of Acheta domesticus.’, PLoS One. 2015,


104 reviews
great bars! ill most likely switch to them

when i look for bars i look for the following checklist by priority :
1) nutrition 20gr protein <300kkcal and not too much fat/sugar (check)
2) made out of natural healthy products, no plam oils, aspartham, etc (this is usually very hard to confirm usually but i think its a check here)
3) taste (check!) - those are not too sweet, a little bit dry but quite light and don't leave a "chemical" sweetened aftertaste like some "famous" bars
4) good for the environment - thats a great bonus to have (check!)

so four checks :) i will probably swap to those going forward!

Suprised by taste

I have bought a starter pack and haven't tested all the products yet.
But protein bar and "milk" shake are excellent. And my friends are also interested in and so it's handy to have discount coupons for them.

Perfect ingredients, natural taste

I love the ingredients of this bar, nothing artificial, nothing that makes me bloated. I like that it is not too sweet, but has a natural, earthy flavour. Makes me full for hours.

Great powedered protein!

This very comparable to the mainstream whey powders from a nutritional content perspective - at 20/25 protein per scoop and ~120/30 kkcal. The taste is super nice! Blended in ~250/300 ml of water its surprisingly thick and smooth, which i like very much. The only minus I can think of is that it takes a bit more "shaking" to blend fully and ensure there are no hard pieces - not a big deal.

Delicious Proteins

I had the starter pack. I have to say, I really enjoyed it.
But lets go through it piece by piece.
Crackers: The crackers of all flavours were very good and crunchy. Only I found them a little bit too salty.
Protein bars (pleasure cricket): They were just perfect, I loved them.
Protein bars (serious): They were very good as well, but could be a little bit sweeter (but than they might not be serious anymore^^)
The protein powder tasted very good. I think it was sweeter than my usually used one(Huel), and did't feel to feed me as good, but still very nice.
The pasta were quite similar to other lentilles pasta, not very special.
I haven't tried the baking powder so far, but looking forward to use it for pancakes or so.