Behind the Scenes, Learning in San Francisco

Behind the Scenes, Learning in San Francisco

March 12, 2017SENSinternational Admin

Imagine you are a start-uper, you have so much work, you don’t know where to start, and someone tells you to go abroad for a week. Are you kidding? Impossible. But what if they add, you will go to San Francisco, the mecca of start-ups, to learn from the best. Hell yeah! When is the flight?

Silicon Valley, so much inspiration

In January, we were selected to participate in an accelerator program in San Francisco. As you can imagine, we were really excited to meet people who are dealing with the same problems as us. We met with a lot of US food startups to discuss their approaches. We talked with Rose from SixFoods who, apart from being Forbes 30 Under 30, has been working on her insect food startup in San Francisco for a couple of years already. We were excited that so many people are working on the future of insect foods. We met with Andrew, a cofounder of Tiny Farms. His team is working on technological improvements and scaling of cricket farming in the US. Imagine a group of Silicon Valley tech guys creating their own software and hardware hacks to make insect farming less labor intensive and ultimately, as cheap as chicken farming. What a future! :-)

We took part in the Sustainable Foods Summit where we discussed the next gen packaging. We learned about a completely compostable packaging that provides an airtight and safe environment for the product and has both metallic and printable layers. The best thing is that if you throw it out in nature, it decomposes within 60 days and leaves no residue at all! We are in with our next production cycle.

Overall, it was an amazing and a very valuable experience. Now, we are back to work with a lot more energy!

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